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I’m in love with weddings! In a few months, you’re getting married, and you still don’t have a ham cutter? You know how much guests love it. Count on me!

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Many of my first clients, especially those planning a wedding, often ask me about how I organize an event, what needs I have, and all the necessary details to coordinate with the catering, the hotel, the restaurant, or the team of chefs, head waiters, and waitstaff. Allow me to explain the process step by step so you can better visualize the outcome of your table or ham buffet with me cutting one of our gastronomic delights, which is always a hit at weddings.

Typically, I arrive at least an hour and a half before the start of the event to meet with the responsible party and set up my workspace, ensuring everything is ready. Once there, I prepare my tools and gather any last-minute details to ensure everything is going as planned. I then proceed to clean the ham, which clients often purchase based on my recommendation. In some cases, and this is not an inconvenience for me, the Iberian ham (depending on the budget it can vary) is provided by the couple. It is not mandatory to hire me: buy the iberic ham from me.

After cleaning the ham, I start serving the first dishes quickly to avoid queues and ensure everyone can enjoy without delays. Subsequently, on the most visually appealing part of the ham, the maza, I prepare several decorative plates that enhance the presentation and spectacularly welcome the guests.

As the guests’ arrival time approaches and the music starts, the atmosphere of the wedding becomes more exciting. When the head waiter gives the go-ahead, I start offering small portions of ham. I adjust my pace to that of the guests, ensuring everyone enjoys themselves while maintaining a good atmosphere. As the hours pass, the ham is reduced by half, and some guests wait until the end to taste the last pieces, making the most of the piece. 

Finally, with some sadness, the time comes when the guests retire to the tables to continue with the main courses, desserts, coffee, and dancing. It is then that I start to tidy up and bid farewell, hoping to see each other again on another occasion, perhaps on the wedding anniversary.

At each wedding, I like to think that I gain friends for life.

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